- The last version is 2.0.
- Main file can be downloaded from here.
- A few items Rolles can make: Enhanced Shield of Balduran, Gauntlets of Grandmastery, Necklace of Time Stability.

Welcome to the support page of Rolles MOD


This MOD adds a new character - Rolles, who can make new items just like well-known Kromwell, and he sells ready things as well (mostly there are items from BG I, not represented in BG II). Rolles makes upgrade items only in SoA.


Standard for WeiDU mods. Unpack contents of archive to the root directory of BG II: Shadows of Amn, and start Setup-Rolles.exe.


This mod is designed to work with BG2: Shadows of Amn, with or without the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal. There are no known problems with compatibility.

Connect the author

My name is Serdrick and I'm the author of this mod. I'll be glad to receive your comments and suggestions on